Horror Files

Roman Catholics Who Don't Like Pope Told They Can Leave and Become Protestants February 2020
An ironic bit of good advice coming from Italian Cardinal Gailtiero Bassetti, who told media at an annual meeting in Perugia, “Criticism is fine, but this destructivism, no. If someone doesn’t like this pope [Francis] let him say so, b… Read More
Calvin and Geneva Betrayed February 2020
This leap day (February 29, 2020) the cathedral Saint Pierre in Geneva, Switzerland, the church pastored by John Calvin, will hold its first Roman Catholic blasphemous mass for the first time since before the Reformation. Then to add insult to inj… Read More
The PCA's Slide into the Homosexual Abyss Accelerates June 2018
The PCA's Slide into the Homosexual Abyss Accelerates By Dr. Paul M. Elliott On June 26-28 a PCA church will host a conference openly embracing "Christian homosexuals." From the TeachingtheWordBible … Read More
From Antichrist to Brother in Christ: How Protestant Pastors View the Pope January 2016
“LifeWay asked 1,000 Protestant pastors in America about their views in a phone survey from September 8–21, 2015, shortly before the pontiff’s visit to the United States.”   Here are some of the results of thei… Read More
The Pied Piper Plays Again January 2016
John Piper recently wrote a Foreword to Thomas Schreiner’s new book, Faith Alone: The Doctrine of Justification: What the Reformers Taught…and Why It Still Matters.[1] Piper writes:   As Tom Schreiner says, the book … Read More
R. C. Sproul Fails to Defend the Inerrancy of the Bible with His Classical Method April 2015
At the March 2015 Shepherds’ Conference at Grace Community Church in Southern California, where John MacArthur is Pastor, R. C. Sproul gave the lecture “Defending the Doctrine of Inerrancy.” After rejecting the presuppositional m… Read More
PCA SJC Rules on Overtures in the Leithart Case November 2013
At the 2013 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) three overtures were made requesting the Standing Judicial Committee (SJC) to take over original jurisdiction in the TE Peter Leithart case. In October the SJC ruled on those… Read More
Missouri Presbytery (PCA) Declares Federal Visionist Jeffrey Meyers Not Guilty of Federal Vision April 2012
The Missouri Presbytery of the PCA concluded a trial of Jeffrey Meyers over the weekend of April 13-14, 2012 and declared Federal Visionist Meyers not guilty on five charges. The charges and the verdicts are as follows: That TE Meyers has … Read More
Gaffin to Speak at Banner of Truth Conference May 2011
Richard B. Gaffin Jr., who teaches a false gospel of justification by faith and the works of faith (see our latest book The Emperor Has No Clothes: Dr. Richard B. Gaffin Jr.’s Doctrine of Justification by Stephen M. Cunha and The Changing of… Read More
Updates on the Federal Vision in the Presbyterian Church in America May 2011
This weekend the Pacific Northwest Presbytery of the PCA has scheduled the "trial" of Federal Visionist Peter Leithart for June 3-4, 2011, just prior to the PCA’s General Assembly. This presbytery has already stated that Leith… Read More
Justification by Faith (but Not by Faith Alone) at ETS November 2010
Steven Matthews, author of Imagining a Vain Thing: The Decline and Fall of Knox Seminary, which exposed the Warren Gage controversy, has posted the following at his blog site Lux Lucet about The 62nd Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological … Read More
Horton's Hypocrisy July 2010
One’s credibility is severely weakened and sometimes irreparably ruined when one lacks integrity. And nothing is probably more damaging to one’s reputation than when one’s integrity is questioned due to inconsistency between one&… Read More
John Piper Invites Rick Warren to speak at 2010 Desiring God Conference July 2010
For those of you who have not heard or are not aware, John Piper is at it again. At last year's Desiring God National Conference commemorating the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth, Piper had Federal Visionist Douglas Wilson speak. … Read More
Bruce Waltke - Theistic Evolution Controversy July 2010
Bruce Waltke, professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando resigned this spring over controversy stirred by comments he made in a video posted at the website of BioLogos Foundation, a theistic evolution think-tank headed up … Read More
Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship Invites Roman Catholic Speaker July 2010
The Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship Family Evangelism Conference scheduled for July 12-17, 2010 at Milligan College, Tennessee will feature Ambassador Alan Keyes. Alan Keyes is a Roman Catholic Knight of Columbus. What follows is some informat… Read More
John Piper Endorses Doug Wilson June 2009
John Piper has gone from defending Doug Wilson (and N. T. Wright as seen around the 43 minute mark of the video at http://theresurgence.com/driscoll_piper_chandler_2008-02-26_video_tnc_qa) to inviting him to come and speak at his Desiring God Natio… Read More
The NW Presbytery of the BPC sides with the OPC and Kinnard against the Gospel September 2008
Dear Friends, A committee of the Northwest Presbytery of the Bible Presbyterian Church investigated the John Kinnaird case in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and drafted a report on July 18, 2008. In their report they agree completely with the … Read More
The Silence of the Shepherds May 2006
One of the remarkable things about the current justification controversy is the silence of the most prominent and visible Presbyterian shepherds ñ men such as D. James Kennedy and R. C. Sproul. I understand that both these men are older an… Read More
RPCUS magazine promotes Reformed Mysticism January 2006
RPCUS magazine promotes Reformed Mysticism Friends,Some so-called Puritans and Protestants were and are little better than medieval mystics.         They do not understand the Gospel of o… Read More
Attacking Roman Catholic Baptism September 2005
Dear Friends,Last week I sent an email ridiculing an argument Calvin had made in defending the validity of Roman Catholic baptism.           Nearly everyone missed the point of … Read More
Defending Roman Catholic Baptism September 2005
Dear Friends,We hold no theologian in higher esteem than John Calvin, whose theology has blessed millions of souls. But even Calvin nodded now and then.        One of his errors was asse… Read More
Clericalism in the PCA August 2005
Dear Friends,On July 16 the Louisiana Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America unanimously declared Pastor Steve Wilkins of the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church to be "publicly exonerated and declared to be faith… Read More
Steve Schlissel: "God lies" July 2005
Steve Schlissel: "God lies" Dear Friends, Speaking earlier this month at the 2005 Christian Worldview Student Conference sponsored by the Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Hampton, Virginia, pas… Read More
Louisiana Presbytery (PCA) exonerates Steve Wilkins July 2005
Dear Friends, Just as we predicted some time ago, the Louisiana Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America has exonerated Steve Wilkins of all charges and accusations against him. In response to the recommendations of … Read More
PCA Promotes Lent April 2005
Dear Friends, In its denominational magazine, byFaith Online, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), which professes to believe the Westminster Confession of Faith, published an essay by Sam Wheatley, a PCA pastor in Salt Lake C… Read More
Westminster Seminary Names New President April 2005
Dear Friends, The Board of Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia has just announced (via several puffs of smoke from Van Til Hall) that Dr. Peter Lillback has been chosen as the Seminary's new president. In January 2002 The… Read More
Reformed Tradition April 2005
Dear Friends, In arguing that their views are within the "Reformed tradition," the primary tactic of the Neolegalists is to dredge up and cite foolish statements by generally sound Reformed theologians of the past, and … Read More
John Piper on Justification April 2005
Dear Friends, From time to time we receive feedback from fans of John Piper who say that we have misunderstood him on justification and that he is sound as a dollar used to be on that topic. Today a friend called our attention… Read More
The Fiend Skulking Behind the Crucifix April 2005
Dear Friends,One of the last absolute monarchs on Earth died last Saturday, April 2, John Paul II. Although he ruled over a tiny city-state, his empire circled the globe. Praised as a great defender of freedom and democracy… Read More
Westminster Seminary Continues Its Attack on Scripture and Christianity February 2005
Dear Friends, Westminster Seminary, founded in 1929 by J. Gresham Machen, the leading American Christian theologian and educator of the early 20th century, publishes a semi-annual theological journal. Its Fall 2004 issue contains … Read More
Confusion in the PCA over "Papists" January 2005
Friends, The following story is from the online edition of "By Faith" (not "By Faith Alone," please note), the denominational magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America. Editor’s note: Presbyterie… Read More
More Neolegalist Hymns January 2005
As the Neolegalists gather for their annual conference at the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (a church in good standing in the Presbyterian Church of America) in Monroe, Louisiana, a series of fortunate events has brought to o… Read More
Great Commission Sunday School Lessons Supports Neo-legalist Heresy November 2004
The Great Commission Publications Sunday School material for fall 2004, for ages 3 and 4, includes the following sidebar instruction for the teacher: "Important Bible Background: Side by side in the Old Tes… Read More
Tabletalk Rewrites the Covenant March 2004
Friends, The February 2004 issue of Tabletalk, a monthly magazine published by Ligonier Ministries, contains a lethal misrepresentation of the Covenant of Grace. In its February 18 "devotional," we read these words: … Read More
Mel Gibson's "Lethal Doctrine" February 2004
Friends, The media are buzzing with news about Mel Gibson's new movie, "The Passion of the Christ," which opened today, Ash Wednesday in the Roman Church-State calendar. Showing in 2800 theaters nationwide, the movie… Read More
Seminary Rules for Interpreting Scripture December 2003
Dear Friends, One of our readers, Jeff Schneiter, stumbled across a list of eight rules on interpreting Scripture that seminaries teach their students. This list illustrates how the denial of the clarity of Scripture is part and p… Read More
N. T. Wright to Speak in Louisiana in 2005 December 2003
Friends, We have just learned (from Bishop Wright himself) that Bishop N. T. Wright, Bishop of Durham in the apostate Anglican Church and leading spokesman for the New Perspective on Paul and new Quest for the Historical Jesus mov… Read More
Auburn Avenue, Norman Shepherd, and the Coming Home Network December 2003
Friends, A few years ago we published an essay in The Trinity Review (go to the Review Archives at our website, www.trinityfoundation.org , to read "Protestant Pastors on the Road to Rome") by Elizabeth Altham, a Roman C… Read More
Clark Pinnock Denies and Affirms Inerrancy November 2003
Friends, This past Wednesday, November 19, the Evangelical Theological Society voted to retain Professors Clark Pinnock and John Sanders as members in good standing, despite their published views on God and Scripture. Every y… Read More
Andrew Sandlin's Catholic Conference September 2003
Friends, Reconstructionist Andrew Sandlin, disciple and defender of Norman Shepherd, has just announced a conference to be held next March at a "Presbyterian" church in Illinois. The speakers include Baptists, Presbyteri… Read More
Orthodox Presbyterian Church Endorses Teaching of John O. Kinnaird July 2003
Friends, At its 2003 General Assembly (the highest body in the church), the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) reversed the conviction of Elder John O. Kinnaird and declared his teaching on justification to be consistent with Scri… Read More
More Quotes from Wilkins, Wilson, Barach, and Schlissel July 2003
Friends, The April 28, 2003, issue of Christian Renewal, a Canadian newspaper, carried an interview with the Monroe 4: Steven Wilkins, Douglas Wilson, John Barach, and Steven Schlissel. The interview reeks of hostility toward thou… Read More
OPC Acquits Kinnaird, Indicts Itself July 2003
Friends, At its General Assembly last week, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church reversed the conviction of an elder who had been convicted of teaching justification by faith and works contrary to the Scriptures and the Confession. Th… Read More
Doug Wilson Mocks Joe Morecraft April 2003
Friends, In the latest issue of Credenda/Agenda magazine, edited by Douglas Wilson, the juveniles-in-charge include a parody of an ad for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese: Craft Morecaroni and Cheese. Witty, eh? Hardly. Apparently takin… Read More
N. T. Wright and Presbyterian Churches December 2002
Friends, Nicholas Thomas Wright, a high-ranking cleric in the apostate Anglican church, appears to be growing in influence in the Presbyterian Church in America. Some sessions of PCA churches are showing his videotaped lectures … Read More
A New Auburn Affirmation October 2002
Friends, In 1924 some clever, avant-garde Presbyterian Elders published an attack on the Word of God and the Gospel called the Auburn Affirmation. Of course, they did not call it an attack; they called it an Affirmation; and they were… Read More
A Neolegalist Hymn October 2002
Friends, The Internet is a useful tool, but sometimes emails and even entire files fall into the wrong hard drives. Just the other day we received revised lyrics to the old hymn "My Hope Is Built" – lyrics apparently writt… Read More
Great Commission Publications Subverts Doctrine of Justification August 2002
Great Commission Publications (GCP), a Presbyterian publisher, provides church bulletins to hundreds of churches, which distribute them to thousands of churchgoers each week. Each bulletin carries an anonymous essay on the back (what… Read More
Pedophilia and the Priests April 2002
Friends, The cascade of reports about pedophilia in the Roman Catholic priesthood was long overdue, since members of the Roman Catholic clergy have perpetrated and covered-up child molestation for decades, if not centuries. At long la… Read More
Religious Totalitarianism December 2001
Friends, Thomas Friedman of The New York Times recently wrote that the war on terrorism is really a war on "religious totalitarianism." Having written a book on the subject of religious totalitarianism, specifically Ro… Read More
Michael Scott Horton Attacks Propositional Revelation in Modern Reformation magazine August 2001
Dr. Michael Scott Horton of Westminster Theological Seminary writing in the May/June 2001 issue of "Modern Reformation" magazine (Vol. 10, No. 3, p. 33): "With the ecclesiastical consensus, Reformed schol… Read More
More Pious Irrationalism Masquerading as Christianity July 2001
Friends, Today's excerpt from The Horror Files is taken from the "The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth" magazine, November 1997, page 249. The "Corner for Teens" propounds this question: "Are … Read More
Douglas Jones Attacks Literal Truth May 2001
Douglas Jones of "Credenda/Agenda," writing in the 2001-2002 Veritas Press catalogue: "Truth isn't just intellectual propositions; it involves images of the imagination. Enlightenment notions of truth capture onl… Read More
Charles Colson Praises Richard John Neuhaus: Two More for the Horror Files May 2001
Speaking recently on his radio program "Breakpoint," Charles Colson, the most effective American propagandist for the Romanist religion, said, "Seven years ago my friend Richard Neuhaus lay near death. Doctor… Read More
Tabletalk magazine displaces Christ as head of the church March 2001
Today's excerpt from The Horror Files is taken from the May 2000 issue of Tabletalk, the monthly magazine of Ligonier Ministries, page 22: "Although Peter was called the apostle to the Jews and Paul the apostl… Read More
C. S. Lewis on Scripture, Evolution, and the Incarnation March 2001
"We read in Genesis (2,7) that God formed man of the dust and breathed life into him. For all the first writer knew of it, this passage might merely illustrate the survival, even in a truly creational story, of the Pagan inabilit… Read More
Teaching Classical Arithmetic with Vegetables March 2001
"Because of our realist assumptions in mathematics, we have come to believe that 15 + 20 = 35 is true. But it is evidently not true. 15 unicorns plus 20 unicorns will not get you 35 unicorns, try as you may. Of … Read More
The Horror Files March 2001
Friends, Next week, God willing, we will be adding a new feature to our website, www.trinityfoundation.org. The new feature is "The Horror Files." Some of you may recall these choice examples of theological and philoso… Read More
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