Louisiana Presbytery (PCA) exonerates Steve Wilkins

July 2005

Dear Friends,
Just as we predicted some time ago, the Louisiana Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America has exonerated Steve Wilkins of all charges and accusations against him.

In response to the recommendations of the Louisiana Presbytery Ad Hoc Committee on Federal Vision Theology, Louisiana Presbytery has unanimously adopted the following motion:

...that Rev. Steve Wilkins be publicly exonerated by Louisiana Presbytery and declared to be faithful to the Confessional standards of the PCA.

For those of you not familiar with the heresies being taught and promoted by Wilkins, please read the book A Companion to The Current Justification Controversy, available at our website, www.trinityfoundation.org, as well as the score of Trinity Reviews posted at our website that discuss the errors and heresies of the Auburn Avenue Theology.

Question: When church courts -- and the Session of the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church and the Louisiana Presbytery are both church courts -- exonerate heretics and endorse heresy, what is the proper response of the Christian?

The Christian must denounce the church courts and their actions, just as the Reformers and Protestants have done for the past 500 years. A good place to start is by signing the Reformation Day Declaration at our website. If the Christian is under the jurisdiction of these courts, he must renounce that jurisdiction and leave, publicly stating his reason for separating from error and those who teach and defend it. There is and can be no neutrality on the Gospel.

John Robbins
The Trinity Foundation
July 19, 2005