Free Textbooks for Teachers

The Trinity Foundation will provide free textbooks to students whose teachers agree to use the textbooks as required reading (not supplemental, collateral, ancillary, or optional reading) in their high school, college, and seminary classes.

Requirements for Participation in the Free Textbooks Program
Once we receive a request on school letterhead and a course syllabus from the teacher indicating that one (or more) of our books is required reading for the course, and the number of students enrolled in the course, we will ship free books for all the enrolled students and the teacher. Books will be shipped to only one U. S. address.

Who May Participate in the Free Textbooks Program
This Free Textbooks Program is open to all private schools, colleges, and seminaries. Public schools, state universities, and homeschools are not eligible.

Books that are Available under the Free Textbooks Program:

Can the OPC Be Saved? John W. Robbins
Christ and Civilization John W. Robbins
Christianity and Neo-Liberalism:
The Spiritual Crisis in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and Beyond
Paul M. Elliott
The Clark-Van Til Controversy Herman Hoeksema
A Companion to The Current Justification Controversy John W. Robbins
Cornelius Van Til: The Man and the Myth John W. Robbins
The Current Justification Controversy O. Palmer Robertson
Education, Christianity and the State J. Gresham Machen
Ecclesiastical Megalomania: Thought of the Roman Catholic Church John W. Robbins
Emperor Has No Clothes: Richard B. Gaffin Jr's Doctrine of Justification Stephen M. Cunha
God-Breathed: The Divine Inspiration of the Bible Louis Gaussen
God and Evil: The Problem Solved Gordon H. Clark
Imagining a Vain Thing: The Fall and Decline of Knox Seminary Steven T. Matthews
Imperious Presbyterianism Kevin Reed
In Defense of Theology Gordon H. Clark
Logic Gordon H. Clark
Logic Workbook with Answer Key Elihu Carranza, Sr.
Not Reformed at All: Medievalism in "Reformed" Churches John W. Robbins and Sean Gerety
Not What My Hands Have Done Charles Hodge and Horatius Bonar
Philippians Gordon H. Clark
Papal Power: Its Origins and Development Henry T. Hudson
Predestination Gordon H. Clark
Religion, Reason and Revelation Gordon H. Clark
Sacramental Sorcery; The Invalidity of Roman Catholic Baptism J. H. Thornwell
Slavery and Christianity: Paul's Letter to Philemon John W. Robbin
A Theology of the Holy Spirit Frederick Dale Bruner
What Is Saving Faith? Gordon H. Clark
William James and John Dewey Gordon H. Clark
Without a Prayer John W. Robbins

You may read about all these books by clicking on the title of the book.

To participate in the Free Textbook Program, send the required information to:
The Trinity Foundation
Post Office Box 68
Unicoi, Tennessee 37692