• That God would open the eyes of His people to the apostasy in the churches and cause them to repent of it and oppose it with the Word of God.
  • That the Word of God would go out in power in this age of apostasy to bring in His sheep.
  • That false teachers would be exposed and opposed, and that the flock of God would be spared from such ravenous wolves.
  • That God would raise up faithful, godly under-shepherds who will protect the flock by feeding them the Word of God and not the traditions of men, and who will protect the flock by opposing those false teachers who are ravaging the churches.
  • That God would grant clear teaching of, understanding of, and belief in the Word of God.
  • That our gracious God would continue to use The Trinity Foundation for these ends.
  • That, in all things, all the glory would redound to God alone, and that His will and kingdom would come.