Doug Wilson Mocks Joe Morecraft

April 2003

In the latest issue of Credenda/Agenda magazine, edited by Douglas Wilson, the juveniles-in-charge include a parody of an ad for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese: Craft Morecaroni and Cheese. Witty, eh? Hardly.

Apparently taking their cue from Gary North, Ph.D., notorious for his end of the world prophecies about Y2K, who ridiculed Morecraft last year when the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States denounced the heresies of Wilson and his sandbox buddies, the Muscovites have accomplished a great deal in the last decade or so: a church, a denomination, a magazine, a publishing company, two schools, and a casino. Who would have thought acting like smart-alecks could take them so far? But then this is "postmodern America," and they seem to have read their audience right.

Mocking men of God for their defense of the Gospel of justification by faith alone is, however, not a laughing matter, but a punishable offense,and God will punish the mockers. Maybe not today, nor even next year, but soon, and with the inexorability of the divine justice they think so lightly of.

Remember 2 Kings 2:23-24.

John Robbins
The Trinity Foundation
April 28, 2003

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