The Horror Files

March 2001

Next week, God willing, we will be adding a new feature to our website, The new feature is "The Horror Files."

Some of you may recall these choice examples of theological and philosopical irrationality and desipience from the early years of The Trinity Review (there are some included in our collection, Against the World), but we have not published excerpts from The Horror Files in The Review for several years.

The Horror Files consist of quotations from famous and semi-famous (usually religious) personalities taken from our files – quotations that are sometimes humorous, sometimes outrageous, sometimes surprising, sometimes entertaining, but always foolish, and always revealing.

In addition to making excerpts from The Horror Files available for reading at our site, we intend to email them to those who sign up at the site. Every time a new excerpt from The Horror Files is added to the site, those who have signed up to receive them will be the first to know. So spread the word. You will be amused and outraged. Thanks for your interest.

John Robbins
The Trinity Foundation
March 9, 2001

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