Douglas Jones Attacks Literal Truth

May 2001

Douglas Jones of "Credenda/Agenda," writing in the 2001-2002 Veritas Press catalogue:

"Truth isn't just intellectual propositions; it involves images of the imagination. Enlightenment notions of truth capture only the most surface-level intellectual concerns, but Scriptural truth involves images and metaphors that connect to the very deepest parts of our lives. Stories and imagination and figurative language are not simply nifty decorations on truth: they are the heart of truth.... such fictions capture so much more of His reality and truth than arid intellectual descriptions could ever hope for. The figurative can be 'more true' than bare literal sentences. The literal cleaves off too much reality."

Comment: The attack on literal truth has long been a strategy of liberals and modernists to undermine and subvert belief in the literal, propositional revelation of the Word of God. Now it is the strategy of some who call themselves Reformed, but are pushing a different Agenda.

If you wish to read the literal truth about this Antichristian nonsense, read Gordon Clark's two books The Johannine Logos and Language and Theology, and his essay, "Art and the Gospel." The books may be purchased at our website, and the essay may be read there in the Review Archives. Go to

John Robbins
The Trinity Foundation
May 18, 2001

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