Calvin and Geneva Betrayed

February 2020

This leap day (February 29, 2020) the cathedral Saint Pierre in Geneva, Switzerland, the church pastored by John Calvin, will hold its first Roman Catholic blasphemous mass for the first time since before the Reformation. Then to add insult to injury, Protestants are invited to participate in the liturgy. The mass was abolished in August 1535 in Saint Pierre, but now it will be observed again almost 500 years later. Apparently, no “Protestants” protested this blasphemy. How far the “Protestant” church has fallen! The article announcing this, states, “The initiative originated with Saint Pierre’s parish council and was welcomed by the Consistory of the Protestant Church of Geneva. Likewise, area [Roman] Catholics responded enthusiastically.”[1]

[1]Jules Gomes, “Calvin’s Cathedral to Celebrate First Catholic Mass Since Reformation,” Church Militant, January 27, 2020,, viewed February 11, 2020.