Charles Colson Praises Richard John Neuhaus: Two More for the Horror Files

May 2001

Speaking recently on his radio program "Breakpoint," Charles Colson, the most effective American propagandist for the Romanist religion, said,

"Seven years ago my friend Richard Neuhaus lay near death. Doctors told him a few months before that he had intestinal cancer. Surgery to remove the tumor had not gone well. As he puts it, it was 'an unspeakable mess.' He started to hemmorhage right after coming out of surgery. So, the doctors had to open him up again and risk his dying on the table. Fortunately – providentially – Neuhaus survived. Then, the next night, while lying in his room, he was 'jerked into an utterly lucid state of awareness.' He sensed that there were two 'presences' there with him. And he heard someone say, 'Everything is ready now.' My friend [Neuhaus] has never doubted that he was visited by angels that night, who were prepared to take him home. But he was allowed to stay here, and I think God graciously did that because there is still so much we have to learn from Father Neuhaus. For nearly four decades, Richard John Neuhaus has been setting an example of how Christian faith can transform not only indivudals, but society as well.... His commitment to biblical standards of freedom and equality led him to become an active particpant in the Civil Rights movement, marching alongside Martin Luther King.... Neuhaus is one of those intellectual leaders whom I have been talking about in recent days – the ones who are leading a Christian counter-attack against the entrenched secular mindset in academia and other centers of cultural influence. His powerful books and articles have earned him the title of 'the modern-day C. S. Lewis'.... God in his sovereignty is raising up some mighty warriors like Neuhaus – armed with a biblical view of life and a keen intellect to contend for Christian truth. And this is one reason I think we'll experience a great Christian renewal in this century."

Comment: As we have demonstrated repeatedly in The Trinity Review (see our website,, and as this quotation shows again, Colson cannot tell the difference between Christianity and Romanism. What he sees as "a great Christian renewal" is a great apostasy, and Colson is one of the leaders of the apostasy in America.

But notice how cleverly his essay is written:

(1) Colson first gets the sympathy of the hearers by speaking of cancer, surgery, and possible death;

(2) Colson appeals to the superstitious nature of his listeners by referring to visiting angels (and the worship of angels is very popular today);

(3) Colson tells us that God providentially spared Father Neuhaus because he has so much more to teach us;

(4)Colson praises Neuhaus, a Romanist priest, as a Christian intellectual with a biblical worldview, who participated in the Civil Rights movement with King,

(5) thus baptizing King as well; and

(6) Colson concludes by referring to God's sovereignty, making sure that those who think they are Reformed are in sympathy as well.

John Robbins
The Trinity Foundation
May 14, 2001

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