The Trinity Foundation is pleased to announce the fourth annual

Christian Worldview Essay Contest

First Prize $3,000
Second Prize $2,000
Third Prize $1,000

The topic of the 2008 Christian Worldview Essay Contest is the book
Freedom and Capitalism: Essays on Christian Politics and Economics
by John W. Robbins. Each person who enters the contest must
read this book and write an essay about it. The book is available for
$15.00 (retail price: $29.95) per copy, postpaid to U. S. addresses.

The Trinity Foundation
Post Office Box 68
Unicoi, Tennessee 37692

Essay Submission Rules

Each person who enters the contest must be no younger than 17 years of age and no older than 23 years of age on January 1, 2008.
Essays entered in the Christian Worldview Essay Contest

< may be of any length
< must be written in English
< must be typewritten or computer printed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins
< must be submitted on white paper, in triplicate, stapled, with pages in order
< must arrive at the offices of The Trinity Foundation by September 1, 2008
< must be accompanied by a completed and signed entry form (available at
< become the property of The Trinity Foundation.

Explanation of Contest Rules:

  1. There is no entry fee or charge for the Christian Worldview Essay Contest.

  2. No purchase is necessary to enter the Christian Worldview Essay Contest. Each year The Trinity
    Foundation makes the Contest book available at a fraction of its retail value as a convenience to
    those who would like to purchase a copy, but the book may also be borrowed from family, friends,
    churches, and libraries. Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, The Trinity Foundation will
    refund the price of the Contest book (if purchased from The Foundation) to every person who submits
    a qualifying essay to the Christian Worldview Essay Contest.

  3. Each contestant must read the specific book that is the focus of the Christian Worldview Essay
    Contest and write an essay about that book. Essays not about the Contest book, but about a topic, or
    a person, or about another book or books, do not qualify for this Contest. Essays originally written for
    other purposes and not written about the specific book chosen by The Trinity Foundation are not valid
    entries in this contest.

  4. Each qualifying essay shall be conversant about the Contest book and show familiarity with that
    book by accurately quoting from it (for discussion or criticism), by discussing its major ideas, and by
    relating those ideas to the contestant’s general knowledge. Incidental mention of the Contest book in
    the course of an essay is not sufficient to qualify an essay for prize consideration.

  5. Each qualifying essay shall not be simply a summary of the book, or a book report, but shall
    attempt to explain and discuss the ideas and arguments expressed in the Contest book in the
    contestant’s own words.

  6. Each Christian Worldview Essay Contest lasts about ten months, from November to September.
    This is ample time for Contestants to read, digest, and write an essay about the Contest book.
    Consequently, the September 1 deadline for entries will be strictly enforced.

  7. Each essay submitted to the Christian Worldview Essay Contest shall become the property of The
    Trinity Foundation. This means that essays will not be returned to Contestants, and The Foundation
    shall have the exclusive right to publish and distribute, in whatever form it deems best, the essays
    entered into the Contest.

  8. The Trinity Foundation shall have the right to announce the Contest winners and publish their
    essays, in whole and in part, in whatever manner it deems best.

  9. First Prize winners of previous Christian Worldview Essay Contests shall not be eligible for prizes
    in subsequent Contests.

  10. A panel of Essay Contest judges (a minimum of three) decides which prizes to award. If, in the
    judgment of the judges an unusual situation arises in which fewer than three essays are worthy of
    prizes, the judges shall announce the winner(s) of the Contest, and all decisions of the judges shall
    be final.

Contest winners will be announced October 31, 2008. Decisions of the judges are final.

Note: if you order via our website, please note that the book is for the Essay Contest in the "Comments" field of the online order form in order to receive the special price. Overseas orders will be charged $10.00 for shipping.

Download the Essay Contest Rules

Download the Essay Entry Form

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