Winners of 2009 Christian Worldview Essay Contest

The First Prize of $3000 plus 15 books goes to Savannah Parker of Greentown, Indiana, for her essay "The Enemy is Within the Gates."

The Second Prize of $2000 plus 10 books goes to Marisa Kobilan of Washougal, Washington, for her essay "The Sword of the Spirit."

The Third Prize of $1000 will be split between Patrick Arnold of Ann Arbor, Michigan, for his essay "In Defense of Revelation," and Ryan Hedrich of Lawrenceville, Georgia, for his essay “Speculations Hammered: The Word of Truth, Asserted and Vindicated.” Both will receive 5 books.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all those who entered the Contest. All entrants had to read the book God’s Hammer: The Bible and Its Critics by Dr. Gordon H. Clark and write an essay about the book.

The First Prize winner is Savannah Parker.

Biography:  My father is a retired career soldier, so my family has lived in several places. I have been home educated and am currently a student at Whitefield College. When I complete my college work, I plan on pursuing a Masters in Christian Studies from Whitefield Seminary. My interests are quite varied, but my particular favorites are theology, music, history, hiking, and fashion design. Just this year I have been given the opportunity to enter into video production. Our first project is underway and a few more are in the early planning stages. One of my greatest desires is to see true reformation in the church in the West. Because this only comes one person at a time, I seek to submit everything in my life to the Word of God.

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The Second Prize winner is Marisa Kobilan.

Biography: For most of my life I have lived in the Pacific Northwest. I am blessed to have been homeschooled from the beginning through high school. I am extremely grateful to my parents for all they have taught me. Since my earliest years they (by God's grace) faithfully instilled in me the truths of God's Word. My father encouraged me to study Gordon Clark's works from a young age. During and after high school I studied violin with various teachers and played in several youth orchestras. Recently I've enjoyed competing in some local fiddle contests. Soon after graduating I began to work for a business, which sells musical instruments, and I am currently employed there. I reside in Washingtion State with my family. I like to spend my time reading, discussing theology, philosophy, politics and economics; playing violin and fiddle, homemaking, web development, blogging, and raising grass-fed beef cattle.

I greatly appreciate The Trinity Foundation, and all the work they have done and continue to do in publishing so many excellent books and lectures. Over the years, I have learned so much through reading and listening to the exceptional material from faithful men such as Gordon H. Clark, John W. Robbins and others. My family and I spend a great deal of time studying books and lectures from The Trinity Foundation. In an age where anti-intellectualism and apostasy is so prevalent, writings such as these are refreshing indeed and keep us from falling into the errors that are sweeping many away from the truth of the Gospel.

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The Third Prize winners are Patrick Arnold & Ryan Hedrich.

Patrick Arnold Biography: Patrick became a Christian later in life, after becoming convinced that unless the voice of God has broken into this world, humanity’s lot is nothing but a radical scepticism. One of the people to convince him of this was Gordon Clark. Upon finishing high school, Patrick went away to college in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula at Northern Michigan University, where he majored in Philosophy and English, took long hikes in the UP wilderness, and studied theology in his spare time. More recently, he has moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, gotten married, joined the OPC, and continued to study philosophy, now at the University of Michigan. Since first reading Gordon Clark’s work in high school, Patrick frequently returns to Clark’s books and essays and remains as challenged and helped (and sometimes perplexed) by him as ever. Patrick now only hopes to contribute even a little to building, defending, and teaching the Biblical, Christian worldview and the Gospel of peace and redemption in Christ Jesus in his life and vocation.

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Ryan Hedrich Biography: As I was raised in a Christian community, I attended a Christian School from 2nd through 12th grade. Upon being convicted of the truth of the doctrines of grace in my freshman year at Georgia Tech, I had a spiritual awakening, and have spent recent years reading, comprehending, and enjoying God’s Word. Currently, I am an undergraduate studying to attain certification as a math teacher. I am a member at Grace Fellowship Church, and I plan to enroll at a local theological seminary some time after graduation, if only to grow in knowledge of grace and truth. Besides reading, writing, and debating, some other activities I love to indulge include skiing, playing chess, and simply spending time with friends and family.

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