Recent Death of Former Occupant of Antichrist's Seat

January 2023

Josef Ratzinger, the resigned former occupant of Antichrist's seat, Pope Benedict XVI died recently and went to his eternal punishment as he opposed Christ, His Gospel, His Word, and His true Church. I would like to commend the statement of Dr. Paul Elliott of TeachingTheWord on the death of Benedect XVI and some statements of "evangelical" leaders praising the late Pope. Additionally, I would commend the following: Ecclesiastical Megalomania by John W. Robbins, Papal Power by Henry T. Hudson, the lectures in Collection 3: The Gospel and Its Critics, amd in Collection 16: The Bible Alone and Its Opponents. The following Trinity Reviews are also apropros: "The Roman State-Church" by Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, "The Roman State-Church: An Inside View" by Bishop Josef Strossmayer, "Acton on the Papacy" by John W. Robbins, "Antichrist" edited by John W. Robbins,"Healing the Moratal Wound" by John W. Robbins, "Bleating Wolves - The Meaning of Evangelicals and Catholics Together" by John W. Robbins, "Antichrist 1999" edited by John W. Robbins, "Protestant Pastors on the Road to Rome" Elizabeth Altham, "Why Does Rome Teach What It Does about Justification and Salvation?" by Robert L. Reymond, "Roman Catholicism's Recnt Claim that It Is the True Church," by Robert L. Reymond, "Antichrist Is Coming, April 15, 2008" selected by Thomas W. Juodaitis, "The Roman Catholic Agenda Embedded in the Manhattan Declaration" by Richard Bennett, "John Paul II: Blessed in the Sight of God?" by Richard Bennett, "Rome's Sham 'Year of Faith' Is Unfaithful to Christ and His Gospel" by Richard Bennett and Timothy F. Kauffman, "Pope Francis Shows His True Colors" by Richad Bennett, "Francis: Stalwart Reformer of Diehard Pontiff?" by Richard Bennett, "Who Is the Holy Father?" by Richard Bennett and Robert Nicholson, "Antichrist's Ecumenical Endeavors" by Thomas W. Juodaitis, "The Battle Over the Identy of the True Catholic Church at the Time of the Reformation" by Ronald N. Cooke, "When Protestants Err on the Side of Rome" by Carlos E. Montijo, "Come Out of Her My People: Revelation and the Roman Church-State's Ongoing Pedophilia Scandal" by Steven T. Matthews, and "Of Broken Hearts and Broken Shackles" by Timothy F. Kauffman.