Winners of 2011 Christian Worldview Essay Contest

The First Prize of $3000 plus 15 books goes to Emmanuel Cumplido of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, for his essay "Hope in the Midst of Despair: An Essay on Gordon Clark’s 1966 Wheaton Lectures".

The Second Prize of $2000 plus 10 books goes to Ryan Hedrich of Lawrenceville, Georgia, for his essay "The Good Work of Philosophy".

The Third Prize of $1000 plus 5 books goes to Racheal Parker of Greentown, Indiana, for her essay "Philosophical Contrast: Revelation versus the Vain Imaginations of Men".

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all those who entered the Contest. All entrants had to read the book Introduction to Christian Philosophy / "The Wheaton Lectures" (contained in Christian Philosophy and Clark and His Critics) by Dr. Gordon H. Clark and write an essay about the book.

The First Prize winner is Emmanuel Cumplido.

Biography: My mother and father came to faith in Christ when I was very young. Though raised in that household, I did not have any desire for the Lord for most of my life until I reached my freshman year in college. During the summer between my freshman and sophomore year, I came to see the bankruptcy of my life, a life previously devoted to fulfilling any and every carnal pleasure, and I came to see my sin for what it was, an offense against a Holy God and deserving of punishment. God was merciful and answered my prayers during that time, allowing me to see his salvation. I came to believe that only through Christ’s death and resurrection did I have forgiveness and hope. The changes God effected in me were drastic, and penetrated into every area of my life. I was born again.

A result of those internal changes was a change in what I wanted to study at college. I had entered college as a Kinesiology major and hoped to work with professional athletes and make as much money as possible. The interest in athletics was not corrupt in-itself, but the motivation for the career was. Having my new-found hope and wanting to share it, I took an array of classes for the next semester and was struck by a philosophy class where we were able to analyze the classical "proofs" for God’s existence. That was when I took up philosophy, and it was through that interest that I eventually came to meet a Dr. William Young, and came across Gordon Clark’s writings. It has been a blessing to read his work and to be exposed to the Reformed tradition, which I had largely been unaware of until about 3 years ago.

I am currently attending the University of Rhode Island, where I am slated to graduate with Honors in Philosophy next spring. The exact trajectory for my future is uncertain, with both graduate school and seminary on the table. But, whatever may happen, my deepest desire is for God to direct my steps and use all my abilities, every one given by Him, for Christ’s glory. Because of the promises and character He’s revealed to us, I have an overwhelming certainty that He will do so.

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The Second Prize winner is Ryan Hedrich.

Biography: As the eldest of five who was raised in a Christian community and attended Killian Hill Christian School for eleven years, I grew up in a lively, familiar atmosphere. In my freshman year at Georgia Tech, at which I am an undergraduate, God convicted me of the truth of the doctrines of grace. Since then, I’ve been impressed with the need for a systematic Christian worldview, so my interests have turned towards philosophy. I am thankful to The Trinity Foundation for providing myself and others the opportunity to productively channel this interest. A few things I enjoy are reading, writing, debating, skiing, lifeguarding, working out, playing chess, and spending time with friends and family. I hope to continue these and other activities in service to God.

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The Third Prize winner is Racheal Parker.

Biography: I am a 20-year-old homeschool graduate. I am currently a freshman at Whitefield College pursuing a Bible degree with the purpose of further grounding myself in Scriptural truths. I am the second of three daughters of a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant. I am an assistant caretaker for my grandparents and spend time with my Grandpa every day in the role of physical therapist.

I have an interest in history, primarily American history and the Biblical foundations of this country. Theology is an interest of mine and while not my primary interest in life, I understand the need for correct theology and that orthodoxy is the only means to true reformation of culture. Cultural reformation is a passionate issue for my entire family. I also have an interest in filmmaking with the desire to make God honoring movies and documentaries that are both relevant and professional, while rejecting the filmmaking principles of Hollywood.

I enjoy writing, playing my guitar, music of various styles, dancing, working cows with my Daddy and Granddaddy, gardening, and just spending time with my family.

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